Monday, September 01, 2008


I set up an imagekind account yesterday. I've yet to update the profile info. and will probably get to that later today, but for now I've uploaded some photos you've probably seen on this site. They are now available for sale as cards, posters, pictures, etc., if anyone is interested.

My profile and photos:

Thank you for taking a look!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Blizzard of '06

Baker's Dozen doesn't seem to be up anymore, but I still wanted to a "Baker's Dozen" entry of my weekend as a way to sum it up. The east coast had its first snow storm of 2006, and wind gusts were high enough to designate the storm as a blizzard. My town didn't get hit as bad as others. School was canceled today for all the surrounding towns, but my town stayed open. The sidewalks were slippery and snow-filled, but the streets weren't too bad this morning. I had to do a good deal of shoveling when I got to work though. C'est la vie.

Snowing!, 12 February 2006, Norwood, Mass.

1. elishavah's blizzard/snow photos
2. Saturday afternoon grocery shopping .. Apparently everyone else had the same idea.
3. "It doesn't feel like snow."
4. "It doesn't smell like snow."
5. dreaming of a tornado during the coming storm
6. looking out my window Sunday morning at a blanket of white .. on the ground, in the sky
7. feeling cold watching the poor on location weather reporters on the news
8. at one point, when the snow was coming down it's hardest, not being able to see the yellow house on the corner!
9. contemplating taking a walk during the storm
10. my sis suggests snowboarding down Day Street - lol
11. "I wish you had snow-shoes. We need to get you some snow-shoes."
12. mom (on her way out to shovel): Stir the soup every few minutes.
me: Sure, I'll stir the soup for you. (no shoveling for me! woohoo!)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tree 3

for Photo Theme Thursday: Tree

"Tree 3," Plymouth, MA, 8 August 2004

If you're interested in seeing some of my previous tree photos on this blog, they are here:
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